It's my party and I'll cry if I want toooooooo 🎈

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A very merry and super happy birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEE!! :D 

Yep, I am wishing myself a happy birthday!! And I don't care if it seems weird, because usually I spend my birthdays emotional and crying but I'm feeling pretty good today!!

I think because my life doesn't feel so pointless as it has every other birthday! I've been really pushing myself this year, trying new foods, going out on walks, talking to people that make me feel good and generally being more productive and getting stuff done! I feel like my life is making some progress and that's a reason to celebrate!!

I had two choices for today; do nothing like most days .....or.... really REALLY push myself! And that’s what I’m going for!! 

It may not seem like much to other people but these are all pretty big things for me...
So my plan for today:
  1. Finally make @marybottomley's pizza I've been meaning to make for ages!!! <3
  2. Go out of the house on a walk for more than 30 minutes!
  3. Make myself a birthday cake! 🎂
And if I happen to have a little cry, that's okay too <3<3<3


  • Grinchy
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    happy birthday, i hope you have a lovely day, well done on coming this far, take care x
  • 66Mustang
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    Happy birthday @Biblioklept!!!!! :smiley::heart: !!!!! :):):):):)
  • rubin16
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day
  • Lou67
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    Awww Happy Birthday 🥳🎂💐 
    oh I hope you have the best day doing some nice things for yourself.
    You have certainly pushed yourself lately and it’s obvious it’s helping you. 
    I’m so proud off you you’re an amazing woman that’s came through a lot. 
    Ad love a piece off birthday cake later 😊


  • Jimm_Scope
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    Happy birthday @Biblioklept! Pizza AND cake! Sounds delicious. Have you thought about what kind of cake you're going to make? 
  • Rosie_Scope
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    Happy birthday @Biblioklept! Sounds like you've got loads of reasons to celebrate, you should be really proud of yourself. Well done for everything you've achieved recently and I hope you have a fabulous day! Enjoy your pizza and cake :) 

  • Adrian_Scope
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    Happy Birthday @Biblioklept, have a great day!
  • michael57
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    a happy 21st from me and she who must be obeyed 
  • Sandy_123
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    @Biblioklept happy birthday to you. You can do all those things and if not tomorrow is not far away 
  • vikingqueen
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         A very merry happy birthday 🎂 🥳  have a lovely day x
  • Pauline_S
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    Happy birthday! Hope it's all going well!

    How will you share the cake online with us all?  :D 
  • OverlyAnxious
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    Happy Birthday!! :smiley:
  • WelshBlue
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    Happy Birthday ... wiser or just older ? 

    ...  now I've got Barbara Gaskin and Dave Stewart in my head  : >:)
  • Zimba
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    @Biblioklept wishing you a very Happy Birthday 🥳 however you spend it🚶‍♀️‍➡️🎂 🍕 just enjoy  🙂.
  • Biblioklept
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    You're all the best <3<3<3 Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's not been how I'd planned, in fact nothing has gone to plan :D But I'm learning to accept that life is messy and doesn't always work to plan :D 

    No @Marydoll5 pizza for me (I also noticed I tagged wrong Mary in my first post, sorry!!!!) it just hasn't worked but I am ordering a pizza for dinner so it's a semi-win!! 
  • Sandy_123
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    You did well @Biblioklept and tomorrow's another's day Enjoy your pizza 
  • Biblioklept
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    Thank you @Sandy_123!! <3 Your message earlier "You can do all those things and if not tomorrow is not far away " really kept the whole day in perspective for me too <3 

    I hope you've had a good day? 
  • Steve_in_The_City
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    @Biblioklept You are an amazing person. I read your posts, they are always so nice, so thank you so much and it may be a little late in the day but happy birthday! 
  • Marydoll5
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    Happy Birthday @Biblioklept xx
  • JessieJ
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    Bringing up the rear with happy birthday wishes, @Biblioklept, it might not have worked out as you planned, but who needs plans. Hope you've relaxed & enjoyed your clean kitchen pizza. 💐🥂