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imogen37 Member Posts: 61 Listener
My son (13months) finally got a diagnosis in Dec;going for MRI next month.

Just wanted to hear from everybody else if you found a MRI useful and what information you got you won't otherwise have known.



  • GeoffBosworth195661
    GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 161 Pioneering
    Good [email protected] Firstly was the diagnoses was of a specialist if so that is fine. Now MRI scans are more in-depth than a ex ray it layers out layers of muscles and bring up damage then we have any type of foreign development of tissue what should not be there. going into areas of deformed areas. These areas can e rectified. Then it will pick up any other type of malfunction, how they do this is by different colours that denote different parts if torn or infected it will show change. The MRS is slightly noisy and they  put headphones on and will be playing music of which you can take your own CD to play as MRI takes a lot longer depending what the MRI is for also the body will be secured in so with your son being 13 months old they usually sedate while it goes on and depending how long the scan goes on. You have nothing to worry about they are used to young infants and know how handle each situation. At the end of the day it is a x ray but much more superior and they will pin point where the problem is and how to treat it if needed. MRI picked up a small broken nerve in my brain that effected my vision that is how powerful it is. It even picks up water or blood that should not be there. When your son as had it done you then will get the full understanding of the diagnoses. Sure everything will go well hope this as explained what you wanted to know.            
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @imogen37 what was the diagnosis?
    Senior online community officer
  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    Aw bless, I hope it goes ok. Our experience of MRI's is mixed.

    My little girl had one when she was 2 - to check for tumors, as they thought she had a condition Tuberous Sclerosis. Fortunately none were there so it's not that and it took a great weight off my mind 

    We didn't get any detailed info about what they did actually find apart from 'some differences' I get the impression they look for something specific when they do it.

    They tried a second one this year, as genetics wanted to look for a very specific feature which could confirm
    an even rarer diagnosis - but the sedation didn't work :( we are waiting for the paediatrician and genetics to finish arguing about whether or not to repeat it under GA. 

    But, just going off our experience the first time it's not too bad, we were in and out in a morning. The sedation meds tasted gross though she pulled some right faces!!!! 


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