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Unusual behaviour

JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
edited August 2016 in Autism and neurodiversity
A new unusual behaviour emerged from my son yesterday at a family christening, he swallowed air and continously burped throughout the whole affair. I tried to ignore it and most people found it funny but this is the type of behaviour that presents with autism and I think it was his way of dealing with his nerves, I think he thought by doing this we would remove him from the environment, but rather than do that I had a talk with him afterwards to say, I understand you were anxious and tried to be quiet and you did really well but maybe next time in church you could be even quieter and take some deep breaths and relax, you really dont need to burp to let us know you are uncomfortable.


  • suek
    suek Member Posts: 18 Connected
    My granddaughter is lactose intolerant which can cause her to burp if she has something she didn't ought to but as well as that she has started gulping her drinks (usually water) really quickly and swallowing air and this also causes her to burp. I don't know if this is to do with her disabilities or if it is just a habit she has got into ?
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    edited June 2014
    My boy does it i think as he knows it is inappropriate to do so in public so that we will take him away or to get a reaction from us, I try to ignore it, he has done other unusual things, he used to go up and hit someone to be removed from the room, so I supposed burping is better than hitting.
  • Jmcc
    Jmcc Member Posts: 2
    Funnily enough my boy did this yesterday throughout a whole doctor's appointment, it was like he had learned a new joke! I took his favourite toy off him till he stopped, and gave him an angry face. It is one of those things I felt I needed to stamp in fairly rapidly.
  • LoriAnn
    LoriAnn Member Posts: 3 Connected
    It could also be that your child is bored and they've found something to entertain themselves. I don't know if you've ever heard of 'Social Stories'.
    If not, you could prepare your child in advance whenever you're going out to a restaurant, wedding public event so that they'll have an idea of what to expect. Show them pictures as likely their learning style is visual. Also, ask your child to tell you (if they're able to) to repeat what you've told them so it'll stick in their minds. I know even though I'm an adult with HF Asperger's when I get bored and don't know what to do with myself, I fidget or I wander off as I also cannot manage the sensory overload (people's purfume or cigarette smell etc).


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