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The Loooong Summer Holidays!

socksoff Member Posts: 31
edited November 2014 in Autism and neurodiversity
OK, it's only week two but I am struggling! My son loves the routine and timetable of school and generally would prefer to be there 52 weeks a year. He does go to holiday club (at his school) for a bit but it is 17 miles away so almost not worth driving there and back and there and back. When he's at home he would play on the iPad all day - going over and over short clips of teletubbies or tweenies (and he's 11) which I don't think is great for him but it is hard to engage him in play. I do do mini timetables as it does really help him to have a PECS strip but I'll put 10 little activities on there and we're done in half an hour and there is the rest of the day to cope with. Obviously I take him out but he screams at the noise of children playing which is tricky in the summer and we do have the paddling pool out etc etc. I wonder if anyone else finds the holidays difficult and how you help to structure them for your children?


  • Sneezy
    Sneezy Member Posts: 15 Listener
    I recognise exactly what you are saying, Socksoff! 17 miles in the car isn't really too far but it depends on whether you are driving continually or whether you are stopped at traffic lights regularly ("oh no....please don't change to red cos then I will have to stop!") . Is there a small community of parents from your school in your area? We try and meet up so the kids see their friends are on holiday too and so the mum's can have a chance to decompress. I am planning to book a local church hall next week -pay £30 or whatever- and say to all the parents I know "bring your child from the school, bring a couple of toys and a snack and let them all see each other". My son will sit outside of the room I have booked, watching the traffic go by, ignoring his classmates! However, he should be a bit more settled afterwards. And as for screaming at the noise of other kids - we get that too and often ear defenders save the day or bringing my kindle with music on it (so he can hold it to his ear but still hear the racket around him -cos he likes a wee double stimulation- 2 noises at the same time)
  • socksoff
    socksoff Member Posts: 31
    Great to hear from you Sneezy and yes, the ear defenders come in handy although I think it's me that really needs them to protect myself from his screams! I absolutely get the red traffic light thing and traffic jams. We now have a Crelling harness to keep him strapped in in the back as he was kicking, throwing his shoes, screaming and hitting out and once, the first day I drove a new car, he undid his seatbelt and opened a door on a roundabout. Found the child lock pretty swiftly after that and got the harness. We also have a picture of a traffic jam, a Peppa Pig episode about a traffic jam and we use a digital stopwatch thing for him to look at when we get stuck as he likes numbers so will look at that for a bit. Like your idea of booking a hall but you made me laugh about sitting outside as that is probably what would happen to us! Hey ho - have fun!


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