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My 3yr old son

scissorlouscissorlou Member Posts: 1
Hi, my son is 3yrs old and sleeps in his own room. He has sleep apnea so has to wear a c-pap mask at night. He has worn this for 2yrs, but the last 4 weeks he has been waking up crying, sitting bolt upright, but still asleep? I lie him back down and he curls up and goes back off, this happens 4 times in the night. I have a video baby monitor next to my bed so I can see his movements. His room is next to ours.


  • kentishladykentishlady Member Posts: 2
    Hi scissorlou, I think this is Night son had it for a while at a similar age... maybe check with your health visitor for niece whose Neurotypical also had it, we found our son was worse if overtired or using sleep meds. It was quite spooky to see him staring right through us.. awake but not responding, sometimes screeching and wailing. He grew out of it .....Has he started Nursery or anything causing stress recently ? My niece was able to tell her mum she had no memory of waking up...and their GP reassured them it was not harmful.....hope this helps.
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