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Possible cramp or muscle spasms after swimming

shelby2003 Member Posts: 4 Listener
My eldest little monster Connor (7) has spastic CP. He loves swimming and we take him whenever we can. He also has hydro each week with school.
In the last month, after swimming in the morning Connor has started screaming and crying uncontrollably later the same day. It's never immediately after always a couple of hours later. We can't see anything obvious as to what is causing him pain but it seems to come in waves and he feels tighter than usual when it happens. Has anybody seen anything like this before? It's heart braking to see him scream and cry and not be able to help him


  • kentishlady
    kentishlady Member Posts: 2
    Hi Shelby2003, just a thought..Does he suffer with his Ears ? water especially from pools can irritate and be really painful, my youngest is really sensitive to pain he hates eyelashes and will scream the place down if one goes in his eye. Occassionally, couple of hours after swimming he will tell us my ears are hurting me and start crying and rocking and we found laying him flat each side for a couple of minutes after swimming allows water to drain (or tilting his head and gently massaging his ear if out and about ! ), sometimes it was enough to settle him if not Calpol. Also make sure he has enough fluid after swimming so he's not dehydrated as this may cause cramp...fingers crossed you can work out the cause and he can continue to enjoy his swimming...
  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    That's a good idea Kentishlady, it's so difficult trying to guess what's happening sometimes!


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