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Learning difficulties or autism

w27nat Member Posts: 2
edited August 2016 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hi everybody I have a 3 1/2 year old son who has spastic dipligia who thankfully is mobile. The problem I have is he has very little communication skills and has learning problems. I haven't had a diagnosis of autism yet but I am on with this. He is constantly opening and closing doors and wanting to turn things on and off. He has really bad meltdowns and it is controlling what I do with my life and what we do as a family. Has anyone else gone through this and how do you manage. I can't watch tv, I can't touch his toys, I can't vacuum the house, I can't even listen to the radio and when we are in the car I listen to the same CD over and over again it is driving me crazy!


  • Sneezy
    Sneezy Member Posts: 15 Listener
    W27Nat, it does sound like autistic traits or at the very least a sensory processing disorder. Yeah, my son listens to the same part of a record again and again. We have those "stair gates" on several of our doors (bathroom/kitchen) and my son slams them shut as they make an off-pitch clang. It sounds to me like he is getting a sensory stimulation from "making noise". I can't Hoover with him in the house. Bet your son hates the washing machine? Do his pupils dilate as he repeats the stimulation? Does it affect his sleep? There is a brilliant book called "The Out of Sync Child" and I think that there may be parts of that book that you recognize. I would also suggest a foot/hand/arm/head massage (not all of these at the same time,just one or two) might allow your son to have a physical form of touch that will satisfy that need and reduce the chances/opportunities for a meltdown.
  • w27nat
    w27nat Member Posts: 2
    Hi Sneezy. Thanks for responding I appreciate any help at all. I definitely will be getting the book you mentioned it might help me understand a lot more. I will also give the massaging a go as well. PS the washing machine seems to be the only thing he doesn't mind but guess what! He's more interested in opening and closing the door when it finishes. Thanks again
  • Sneezy
    Sneezy Member Posts: 15 Listener
    Oh dear, if the washing machine doesn't set him off, maybe I am completely wrong!!! I forgot to say when you massage, it's the heel of your Palm that works (if it's called that) - the squishy biit above the wrist but before the fingers. Essentially the bit where you would roll a bit of playdoh to make it longer.When you do it a few times, it kinda instinctively feels right.


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