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Scope's disability equality training


I am currently looking at opportunities to work as a disability awareness trainer, alongside my part time work as a peer support broker and have been networking with various people trying to identify the right opportunity.

I understand from Tess Mcmanus at Inclusion London that Scope are developing a bank of DET trainers, who she thinks will then be pitched to corporate clients.

Is there any chance that I could potentially get involved in this? This is an area I’m very passionate about and I believe that with a bit of training alongside my personal experience it’s definitely something I will excel at.

I’d be really grateful if you could let me know if Scope is looking for additional trainers and how I might be able to become involved.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




  • Graham_Scope
    Graham_Scope Scope Posts: 15 Courageous
    edited February 2015

    Hello David,

    Many thanks for your enquiry. Yes, your're right - Scope has set up an approved provider list of Disability Equality trainers, primarily to work with our corporate partners who are interested in receiving such training. I'm afraid our recruitment process has just ended but we may be recruiting again later this year.

    You may be aware that there is no formal (academic) training course or accreditation route for Disability Equality Trainers (DET), so it is quite challenging for new entrants to get experienced in DET practice. Nor is there an association of DET trainers as far as I’m aware.One way to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver DET to a quality standard is to find out if there are any Disabled People's Organisations (DPOs) in your region (I’m not sure where you live, so can’t be specific I’m afraid) who may be running Train the Trainers courses in DET. These courses are a great way to start off a training career path, but they are ad hoc and very occasional as there is no dedicated funding stream for this kind of work. Disability Rights UK might have further information on member groups in England who may be planning to run or are running such courses. Another way forward may be to shadow an experienced DET trainer and gain experience that way. The challenge will be to find a trainer who is willing to share their knowledge and expertise – as you can imagine, DET , like any other business, is quite competitive. Another route may be to find a local or regional DPO who delivers DET and ask if you can assist in their delivery programme as a trainee trainer by helping an experienced trainer with delivering courses. You could offer to do this free of charge in exchange for knowledge gained. Again, DRUK should be able to point you to DPOs who deliver DET training in your region or locality.I hope this helps – do get back in touch if you need any further information. And good luck with your new ventures.

    Best wishes,

    Graham Findlay

    Relationship Management Executive (DPOs), Scope


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