Hi, my name is Grannia50!

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I have mobility issues and an auto-immune skin condition basically I'm allergic to the sun, this does not mean I have to hide in darkness it is not that severe, but the sun aggravates an autoimmune reaction, that causes my skin to blister, so I am on permanent meds, I also have arthritis mobility issues, and suffer from depression. I work full-time, and successfully "hide" my disability. I do have a blue badge, which causes people both in and out of work to make comments. I am fat, mainly because I cannot exercise, and any help groups where I could get help are during the day, when I am at work. Yes I can walk, but not very far, I have to sit every few metres, although it would seem far enough to prevent me getting DLA. Work is getting too much for me, but, as I have worked throughout, and did not remain on benefits 20 years ago. I am not classed as being "disabled" so I am scared to give it up as I could lose everything that I have worked so hard for. That is my moan over for now