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Hi, my name is E2015!

E2015E2015 Member Posts: 9
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I've some permanent diagnosed impairments and leaning difficulties, all affects my day to work and personal life, finding very difficult and forestation. Don't know who to talk to for help.


  • VickySVickyS Member Posts: 132 Listener

    Hi E2015,

    Welcome to the forum!

    If you have any specific questions then do post them in the discussion groups. We'll all be more than happy to try and help if we can. 

    Vicky x

  • E2015E2015 Member Posts: 9
    Due to my complex health since 2004 I've chorinac pain disability with fatigue unable to set for prolong period. But I don't take too much time of work except for medical appointment. (Sick leave last year 1 day)
    This year my employer (management collaboration) has rated my performance rating a 2. I belive that has been done for constructive dismissal. Some of the wording used on my rating review are very bayes with out any evidence and its emotionally physically affecting me. Don't know what I can do to keep my employment. I really enjoyed my work. I've very good relationship with service users and my colleagues, always get a extremely popular feed back.

  • VickySVickyS Member Posts: 132 Listener
    I'm sorry to hear that your employer seem to be pushing you out. As I'm not familiar with your performance ratings a '2' doesn't mean much to me but is there any way you can challenge this? Usually performance ratings are negotiable especially of you can prove the good work you've done throughout the year.
    Vicky x 
  • E2015E2015 Member Posts: 9
    edited February 2015
    Thanks Vicky.

    I've provided ample of evidence before my rating. when i expressed that I totally disagree with the rating. The manager took 3 month to discuss my concerns. I seeked advice of HR went for independent review. Provided further information and evidence. Seems all clabrated to stick together.

    Rating 2 is needs to improve, till today don't know what to improve on. This rating blocks me getting a bounus for next 3 years.

    End of 2013 i complained on this managers behaviour towards me. had change of a manager beganing of 2014 but this manager gets to rate my work who had no one to one contact with me.

    To take it further I don't have physical ability or energy due to my health. Any one can direct me to a legal advice and support will appreciate alot. Thank you.
  • VickySVickyS Member Posts: 132 Listener
    Wow - that sounds so unfair. 

    I know this is easier said than done but maybe it's time to start looking for a new job! You also have the option of talking to the Equality Advisory Support Service (www.equalityadvisoryservice.com) and see if you could have a claim for disability discrimination but this will require you to take this further which you've said you don't have the energy for :(
  • E2015E2015 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you for the link.

    I'll look into it further. due to physical disability and chronic pain i find very hard to concentrate do paperwork.

    Than you

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