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Aging with cerebral palsy

crambur Member Posts: 3 Listener
Would like some info on aging and cerebral palsy. What to expect. I'm 35 and very active. Ran my first half marathon in August in 2 hrs. I tore my calf muscle twice now. I want to keep active as long as possible


  • Rocky
    Rocky Member Posts: 76 Listener

    Hi, Scope have a factsheet about Ageing on their website.  However, it would be difficult to predict what you can expect because cerebral palsy is a very individual condition and how it effects you will be different to others so no-one can tell you with any certainty how getting older will affect your condition.

    Well done on running your first half marathon, hope you enjoyed it.  Whatever your condition, it is important to keep fit especially as you get older. Stretching and swimming may help and I would suggest, if you are running and taking part in competitive sports that you get regular massages and/or physiotherapy to ensure you do not overstretch or damage your muscles. If you can find a good sports massage therapist, I think that would help maintain your fitness. A torn calf muscle is extremely painful so I expect you want to try to avoid doing that again. =.

  • Nicky Nicola
    Nicky Nicola Member Posts: 8 Connected
    Crambur... I'm 47 until 2005 I had one hospital visit for appendicitis. Since 2005 I've lost count the number of surgeries I've had at the RNO hospital. A Mr Adrian Casey who fused two of my cervical discs in 2012 made a comment "I would expect your symptoms in my patients aged 70 and over not in someone of your age". I have cerebral palsy, walk, work, drive etc... I hope this helps. Life's a ****...
  • rayme
    rayme Member Posts: 2
    My daughter has cerebral palsy she is nearly three Im wondering can someone talk to me and give me some advice and how you are as an adult I'm depressed and worried about her she has.mild but bum shufferling and not walking
  • Rocky
    Rocky Member Posts: 76 Listener
    Hi Rayme, Sorry to hear you are feeling depressed. It can be so difficult trying to cope with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. If you have not done so already it may be an idea to talk to your doctor about how you are feeling or try and get in contact with other Mums. I know in some parts of the country Scope have parent befriending groups and you can always ring their helpline for general information and details of what is in your area and the helpline staff are very supportive and will talk through all your concerns with you and ensure you have accurate information.

    Cerebral palsy is such an diverse condition and no two people are affected in the same way so it would be impossible for anyone to say what she will be like as an adult. She is still very young so try to take each day as it comes. She will achieve her own potential.

    You say she is bum shuffling so I suspect you are concerned that she is not walking yet. What are the doctors saying and is she having any physio or other treatments?


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