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Help cbd liquid

Tasha Boweren
Tasha Boweren Member Posts: 3
Hi I Suffer badly with verbal palsy and spina bifida and no medication from docs helps recently been looking into canabis type help has anyone tried cbd as it legal and hasn't got bad thc in it or doesn't get you high any advice with this would be very grateful,a friend has said I could ask my doctor for something like that on prescription does any one know if this is true


  • Tasha Boweren
    Tasha Boweren Member Posts: 3
    Please any advice on post would be grateful please
  • Rocky
    Rocky Member Posts: 76 Listener
    Hi Tasha,  All I can tell you is that I know some disabled people with cerebral palsy and other conditions do try cannabis and find it helps with pain relief.  However, this is just what I have been told by people who have found it helpful and I am not recommending it.  I think there have been some studies which indicate its use in managing pain.  It depends what you want it for or what you think it could help with.  It may be best to talk it through with your doctor.
  • Tasha Boweren
    Tasha Boweren Member Posts: 3
    Thank you rocky well I've tried loads of prescribed pills and morphine patches nothing helps with the pain in knees and back I do physio not that I've seen that helps so this is my last option my docs have said I won't ever be pain free but most days my pain level is near ten always I had to keep a check on pain levels for a few weeks for my doctor I feel so down and alone over my pains


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