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depression treatment

martie11 Member Posts: 10 Connected

can people
like me with cerebral palsy and epilepsy have ect. I have been suffering from
depression for a long time, tried many medications but they don’t work. People
online in a depression group have ask me to try ect treatment because it worked
for them. I have asked my GP about having this treatment and they said no
way,  it’s very old treatment and it never worked anyway. I have been
years of taking sessions, what I do now?

Many thanks


  • theghost
    theghost Member Posts: 3 Listener

    I have CP and  suffer from deppresion i think the only way you can overcome it is by trying to think positive i know its hard are lives are different to other people. Dont let this condition beat you stay strong keep your brain active by doing things like activitys. hobbies things you like doing. The only one that can beat deppression is yourself i hoped this has helped you in some way.

  • CurlyColl
    CurlyColl Member Posts: 5 Listener

    hi i have CP + where I am deterioting I am suffering from depression I am having councilling which I finds help but it is a long process but I feel I am getting there slowly

    take care Collette

  • Rocky
    Rocky Member Posts: 76 Listener
    I would definitely advise against ECT for your depression, your GP is quite right. If you find the medication is not working, it would be worth talking to your doctor further and asking him if he could refer you for either counselling or CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). CBT is proving very beneficial for depression and it does not involve medication which is good as it is not the best idea to be on antidepressants for any length of time.


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