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Louisejones22 Member Posts: 2
hi I'm 22 years old and experiencing a lot of hip and back pain. I've had X-rays and I have a Shallow cup in my hip It's flared up. Does anyone else experience pain? If so do you have advice?


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Yes, I think most of us who have CP experience pain to various degrees. Sorry to hear about your back and Hip. Have the doctors suggested anything that might help?

    I find using localized pain relief gel to very helpful. Do you Swim regularly, this can be an excellent way of building up all your muscles and not be in pain doing it as the water supports your body weight.

    I also find regular saunas helpful at reducing and managing my pain.

    I had it explained to me once that the best way to try and reduce joint wear and pain is to build up the muscles that support the joints.

    You have to view your body as a whole or holistically, one thing like a hip being out can and will effect other areas of the body like the back. Its trying to identify and resolve where possible the route cause. Hope you find something that helps you, and things improve. Don't give up. feel free to ask us any questions.

  • foxuk
    foxuk Member Posts: 102 Pioneering
    I'm 60 and my wife is 57. We've both been Disabled for our adult lives. We often compare notes (I'm Welsh and she's Californian) and there are two things that we wish we had known when we were younger.
    1. Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Do not ignore it and if possible get proper treatment. Under no circumstances be a 'disabled hero' and ignore the pain and carry on regardless, there are no medals for doing this and the same doctors who advised doing 'as much as you can' and 'pushing yourself to the limits' are the very same doctors who say 'it's a result of being too active' when you get to your 50s.
    2. Pain relief is a good thing. The recent NICE report criticised doctors for under prescribing. Particularly if you need it to sleep take the meds.
    We hope you find a way through and get a balance that works for you.
  • rcwallace22
    rcwallace22 Member Posts: 19 Listener
    I'm having back pain problems and you need to find the right pain relief for you. I rely a lot on medication but I find this keeps me active and keeps me enjoying the things I like to do. Don't be scared of medication. I also swim and take regular rests during the day. I also enjoy a range of wheelchair sports - don't let the pain hold you back. Distraction is a good tool to.
  • justme
    justme Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Sorry to hear about your recent difficulties. I suffer from widespread pain due to Muscular Dystrophy. I think anyone with mobility issues is likely to develop pain to some degree as any weakness or muscle tone imbalance puts joints under extra stress.

    My advice would be to make sure your GP/ consultant understands how much it effects your daily activities, mood, social life ect and I agree that 'being brave' and ignoring it will not get you anywhere. I am naturally a very proud person and this has been a hard lessen for me to learn. A doctor cannot physically see pain so the only way they can assess it's severity is by how you describe it.

    As for pain meds, there are draw backs and side effects but they can sometimes be very helpful. There are so many on the market now I would encourage you to keep going back to the GP and asking to try new options if what they give doesn't help. Having a GP who is on my side and keen to involve me in decisions about my care as made my life so much better. I don't know how much choice you have where you live but if possible find a really good GP or at least do your research and arm yourself with information about what you want to try before you visit.

    Good luck :)


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