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Hi, my name is Hotwheelz!

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hi, I'm Hotwheelz and I've joined the Scope community because I have 'Medically Unexplained Symptoms', a cluster of health problems related to ME, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and gulf war syndrome oddly enough. I'm being investigated for two seperate sleep disorders which between them mean I get enough REM to be alive and no more, and my other main symptoms are severe muscular spasms, sporadic loss of voluntary movement, foggy-headedness (is that even a word?), chronic fatigue and intense spinal pain. I've been in a wheelchair for six years now with my husband caring for me. We got married with me in the chair, and are looking at starting a family, since I'm lucky and my life goals of being a writer and a mom can be achieved while I'm still sick. Not everyone is as lucky as me with my family and husband nearby, so a strong community and a strong voice is needed to help each other and protect ourselves. I want to be part of that here.