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Residential Disability Parking

carlea68carlea68 Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, my name is Car and I'd like to share with you my problems with accessing my property due to my local councils headquarters being literally 5 mins away, as you can imagine we have an excess of workers parking in our street for the majority of the day Mon - Fri. Which means although I have a disability car, a blue badge and receive full PIP I cannot leave my property in my car because if I do I cannot re-access my property until after 5 pm. I have contacted my local council and they have told me that their is no provision for residential disability parking in our area. I live on a steep hill which due to my difficulties I cannot walk up or down, I need to park outside my home, does anyone know of any other schemes that can be used to give me access throughout the day. Also I live near the local train station and find people will park outside my home for the week if they are working away.


  • Jon KilleenJon Killeen Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Have you tried talking with your council about getting a disabled bay - different councils have different rules - it might be worth trying.
  • carlea68carlea68 Member Posts: 2
    Hi I already have and they have said that they are not legally obliged to provide one so they do not do them anymore thanks for your comment though
  • milomilo Member Posts: 164 Pioneering
    Not sure it will be of any use given your earlier comments, but we have a similar issue and asked council for a marked bay. I was shocked to hear back from them to say they no longer mark bays in our area but that they will build a driveway for us at the front of our council house. While I'm delighted with that solution, it seems incredible that they will authorise this rather than a much cheaper marked bay.
  • lisalouise999lisalouise999 Member Posts: 17 Listener
    I have known disabled people who live near the city here to be given two disabled marked cones. Just like medium to small traffic cones with the blue badge sticker on them. I believe the council provided them. I would ask about this and tell them you are trapped in your home
  • Debbie_ScopeDebbie_Scope Member Posts: 947 Pioneering
    We had similar problems where I live with employees parking in residential streets to avoid the parking charges within the city centre. The council eventually introduced parking permits for residents and restricted parking times and this certainly did help but it took quite a while to get this implemented and numerous complaints from residents. Speak to your local MP and it might also be worth contacting the local press if you don't have any success.
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