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Hi, my name is FightingFreedom!

I'm 20 (turn 21 next week) I've always been unwell but it never dictated my life but over the last 18 months it's descented and I've had complications we didn't foreseen. I have EDS and POTS/Bladder failure and cardiac and respiratory problems plus many others but it has now took over my life making me very sick and losing so much of my independence/dignity and just life of a 21 year old to a point that has meant I've become fully wheelchair bound can't even stand at moment and only have a small chance of learning to walk again but even that might be years away and I have a long term SPC and a multitude of medical problems. I've spent the last months in hospital and adapting back home and to a life with carers, nurses and relying on everyone else for nearly everything makes me feel so frustrated. My friends don't understand and just don't get it. I don't have anyone around who is similar to me/or in wheelchair so I was hoping to find people who might understand and bit of support.


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