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Struggling to get the o/t to get the much needed mobility equiptment

Ive had 4 failed spine ops that have resulted in not being able to walk properly now ive contacted o/t only to be ignored as cant get upstairs and use a bath etc everythings done on lower level even my 2nd hand wheelchair has finally collapsed mobility scooter is broken so 4 walls is all i see now pip is failing to provide the correct paperwork needed as it was written wrong by just one word so cant go down that road till its sorted just wondered what can be done now as i need the help from the o/t team . Dont get esa as been declined even though my legs dont work or income support just survive on my pip money alone nothing else any advice as cant afford to buy anything


  • Sussexgal
    Sussexgal Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi, It seems to me you are having a really tough time. The best way to get an Outreach OT is via your GP. I have recently requested such a visit with regard to difficulties with stairs and showering. As for forms, they can be very tricky and as you have discovered one mistake sets everything off. You should appeal against decisions made by the ESA team. A high percentage of claims appealed are won. There is a website that would help you do this Benefitsand If you receive Mobility PIP you can lease Scooters from Motability they too are on the web. The Red cross also have wheelchairs they can loan out for a small donation. Hope this helps you :)
  • Sussexgal
    Sussexgal Member Posts: 6 Listener
    just to add to the above you can also get one off disability grants some of these can be found on the web too.


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