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Hi, my name is Zeezee!

Zeezee Community member Posts: 78 Pioneering
Hi I am a single parent who's beautiful 18mth daughter has just been diagnosed with PVL and quad CP, my daughter speaks very well but physically cannot roll, sit or feed herself with a bottle YET. I am still a little shellshocked and would like to contact other parents for help/advice. I look forward to hearing from parents with similar experiences.


  • Jgeek
    Jgeek Community member Posts: 66 Connected
    Hey welcome to the community, I am not a mum yet but 26 with CP. Speaking to my father the 1st few years were bit scary because no child impaired or not develop at the same rate. Its great her speech is good, that is the main thing that is hard to overcome- with the age of computers, one can integrate whatever physical disability you have. The good news is everything she achieves will be special, you can't compare to others because her goals will be personal but this means she will exceed expectations. My brought me up not to let it hold me back, I have 3 degrees and saving to get married, its a bumpy road, even now I find obstacles but its made me strong (or stubborn as some say!) Good luck and just enjoy being mum :-)
  • Zeezee
    Zeezee Community member Posts: 78 Pioneering
    That is so true about her goals being personal, the looks I got in the chemist the other day where comical as I was holding my daughter near the counter and she reached over with her right arm and grabbed for the tub of pens, I was telling her how good she was and well done as she rarely uses her right hand and I have been doing lots of physio with her to encourage her to use it, when she reached again, grabbed the pens and dropped them on the floor I was so happy and let her know, but the looks I got from the waiting room full of people showed they did not agree as any other child would have been told off at that age but I didn't care it was such a precious moment to me. Thanks for your words of support and good luck with saving for your wedding.
  • mrscowbag
    mrscowbag Community member Posts: 6 Listener
    my daughter just been diagnosed at 13 and is a and a star in all her work ....
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