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Help my research people

valhala Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi everyone :)
I am a student at the Open university, and for my project I have chosen to design a product to aid independent living for elderly and/or disabled people, specifically a product to make the process of preparing food easier and safer.

My mum was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis shortly after the birth of my younger brother, and although she has managed to take care of my new baby brother, me and my elder brother herself, her abilities has gradually become limited and now even a small task like chopping a vegetable can be exhausting for her. My mum enjoys cooking and baking for her family and more than anything else her independence. I am sure many people in a similar situation would be feeling the same way.

I had a look at some of the products available, most of them are expensive and have to be ordered from a specialist websites. My aim would be to work on an inclusive design, suitable for everybody, that you can buy from your local shop at a reasonable price.

I would really appreciate it, if you would answer a short survey which I’ve made for the user research.

If you don’t feel comfortable clicking on an external link, it would be really helpful if you would answer these few question; please ignore any question that you feel uncomfortable answering.

1- Do you enjoy cooking?
2- How often do you cook ? Who do you cook for? (i.e. just yourself, family, etc…)
3- Do you have any difficulty preparing the food ingredients (i.e. chopping, grating, etc…)
4- Do you have any difficulty transferring the food ingredients to the pot or pan?
5- Do you use a chopping board? If the answer is yes, do you have any difficulty while using it?
6- If you could add a special feature to a chopping board, what would it be?
7- Do you suffer from limited mobility, weak grip or vision problem? If yes, please state.

Thank you so much for your participation :)


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