Any tips on improving breath control for a pre-schooler?

Noelle Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi, does anyone know any fun games & activities to help a little one to breathe in more deeply & to breathe out slowly & with more control? Thanks in advance.


  • Webbis
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    Blowing helps with breathing more deeply. You automatically take a deeper breath afterwards.  We've been using a child's windmill with my daughter  - though holding it a good angle for her to blow was tricky.  Blowing bubbles can help too, either with a wand and bubble mixture or maybe with a straw into a fizzy drink.
  • howautisticfeels
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    I understand it's probably going to be difficult but try to improve kiddo's posture as much as possible with physical supports. I've heard good foot stability and a supportive chair helps with breathing. Grain of salt, though, as this was from a feeding therapy resource rather than a disability specific one. They say many feeding problems are caused by breathing problems in turn caused by ill-fitting seating & the resulting difficult posture/balance.