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Hi, my name is Grandmasharen!

Grandmasharen Member Posts: 5
My Brother has just been diagnosed with SD last year at age of 65, is this rare, in the past year and a half he has got so much worse, he is sometimes using a cane, it is in both legs, He has been to at least 5 different doctors, and now going to a second neurologist, who wants another mri to compare the difference of the first one.. He is saying that spastic diplegia is just a symptom that he has,and there is a neurological problem. does this make sense to anyone??


  • Veronica_Alumni
    Veronica_Alumni Member Posts: 6 Connected
    Hi, Spastic Diplegia literally means that the muscles in two limbs (usually the legs) are stiff. There can be associated pain and difficult in walking and mobility in general. Spastic Diplegia is usually caused by a neurological difficulty sometime cerebral palsy but that relates to brain injury around the time of birth or in young children. For someone who is 65, getting a recent diagnosis of SD would indicate a recent neurological injury such as a stroke or similar impairment. I think the neurologist who is doing the second MRI is the best person to speak to and get further information as to how your brother can manage this condition on a daily basis. Physiotherapy may also be useful as this works on the muscle tone.
  • Grandmasharen
    Grandmasharen Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Veronica, So Im understanding that he could of fallen hit his head years ago and that could cause the SD ?? he did play football in high school, which is many years ago, he is 66. I will ask him if he has fallen or hit his head in the last few years.. I would think with the MRI's they would of seen if he had a stroke... Thanks so much for answering, we just want a diagnoses, this has been going on for a year.. he is exercising and says some days he doesn't have to use his cane, and other days he has too...he said he could move on if they just told him what is deff wrong, it is just the wondering what you have or is it going to get worse like in the other limbs.. Also can an MRI tell if you have CP..Thanks Again..


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