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Hi, my name is wildchilduk!

I'm 43yrs young and have been housebound now for a couple of years. I originally injured my back in 1995 and didn't have huge problems until 6/7 years ago; since then it's gradually worsening.
I've accepted my new disabled "Label" that society gives, my limitations & the changes to my life....and the road ahead. I manage the chronic pain pretty well too.

The one battle I struggle daily with and find so hard to accept is the way that I have changed....on the inside.
My mood & thoughts etcetera feel like they don't belong to me. I feel like I've lost myself --- (I hope this makes sense).

Essay over..... pleased to meet you :-)


  • Jgeek
    Jgeek Member Posts: 66
    Hey welcome to our community, there's no 'good way to be disabled' I was born with cp and still look in the mirror & see a different person sometimes but that's ok because I'm not giving in to it, I'd say find things you enjoy either from before the injury or new ones. Be proud how well you do cope but also its ok to get bad days. There's many people on here with similar issue-I hope you can chat
  • htlcy
    htlcy Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Hi wildchilduk! I think for many of us coming to identify as disabled is a long journey. I have hemiplegic CP and a spinal condition as well as a few mental health problems, and it's sometimes like a never-ending journey! It has taken me a long time but finding support groups like these have helped immensely. I look forward to chatting with you more in the future and hope you find this a welcoming and friendly place!

    Heather :)


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