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Hi, my name is nolegs46!

My name is Keith Roffey, I am 69 and I'm a double leg amputee. I've joined to chat to and perhaps advise others in a similar situation


  • MaryB
    MaryB Member Posts: 11
    Hi Keith! Welcome. Great to have you on board to share your experiences. Mary :) 
  • nolegs46
    nolegs46 Member Posts: 6
    Hi Mary, thank you for your lovely welcome. I sometimes don't check my e-mails till late at night so please don't think I'm being rude. I hope to chat to and make some new friends on here. Keith
  • roycopley123
    roycopley123 Member Posts: 1
    : Hi keith my husband recently had a bad road accident which has left him tetraplegic he would welcome a friend to talk to
  • nolegs46
    nolegs46 Member Posts: 6
    By all means pass my details on to him. I can give you my phone number and other contact details if you wish, just let me know if this is ok and I will pass them on to you. Wish him well for me and my regards to you as well. All the best Keith
  • nolegs46
    nolegs46 Member Posts: 6
    edited April 2016
    Hi roycopley123, Hope you got my message in reply to yours. I had a message which I didn't find until quite late last night and decided to respond to this morning but when I went to find it I was told it cannot be found. It said something about having something to share with me. I can't recall who it was from and was wondering if it was your good self, My e-mail address is *** and I can also be found on Facebook . Take care, Keith 
  • Alex
    Alex Scope Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
    Hi @nolegs46,
    The message about having something to share was spam. The same person had posted across loads of discussions.

    I've also just removed your email address from your post. This page is public and I don't want you to get loads of spam as a result of posting it here! I'll pass it on to @roycopley123 in private.

    Hope that's ok, thanks,
  • nolegs46
    nolegs46 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you Alex for your kind help I did not realise that the message was spam. Thank you too for passing on my message it is all gratefully acknowledged. I'm new on here and I'm still unsure of how it all works so your help is invaluable to me. Take care regards Keith 


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