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Behavioural issues

beckybobeckybo Member Posts: 1
I'm at the end if my tether with my almost 5 year old he has behaviour issues for aleast 2 years and has got worse since been at school. I've been back and fourth with the GP to be referred to the clinic over the hospital to be told he is fine. The school have to constantly call me to collect him as he hurts other children, he can be short tempered and can be aggressive. I'm a very organised person and for eg school uniform, I lay out from jumper to shoes so he knows we're and what is first, but he will always get angry if for example he can get his sock on and w Ill start clawing his eyes out and bashing his head please any help would be appreciated 


  • katygulliverkatygulliver Member Posts: 1
    We separate ourselves from animals by our ability to know right from wrong as defined by a social code fairly similar but unique to each nation. We are not expected to  know how to work within that code until we are seven though we are bound by it as soon as we nursery, school etc. I think... though I am onky a mummy... that the anger is your son's fight/ flight reflex, possibly everything is overwhelming. Do you lay out the clothes or help him dress? Especially tricky soxks and buttons...if socks stress him put them in for him. do you feel he fits into a diagnostic profile? I would reccomend the explosive child to you, it fits in nicely with most recent guidelines and could help. 
    Most of all if you are spending the day worried about what is happening at school it is not ok! Talk with county, talk with the school, my son has ASD and a long list of other problems including spd. He is super super bright and in these cases it can look like the child is acting out. But there will be a reason. A wise lady once said, the things we put into practice for asd children work and do no harm for those not on the spectrum so you may as well try them. Sometimes we are very quick to say a problem is behavioural ... also if the school is a brick wall talk to others inc your family liason etc do not struggle alone!
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