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Improving access to blended learning for disabled students

cBUS/UG/CP/02552 Title of study: Improving access to blended learning for disabled students

I am student researching the topic of accessing learning support on line for students with disabilities and I am looking for your views on the following questions.  You will need to be over 18 to take part in this study.  Answering the questions will indicate your agreement to take part in the study.

All participants will be anonymised.

Q1. Do you think on-line learning support is a good idea for students with disabilities? 

Q2. What types of on-line learning support do you think would be most helpful?  Please give any examples of learning resources and support you have experienced or someone you know has used?

Please could you indicate whether you are a student, tutor, learning advisor, or personal assistant/parent or guardian.

Thank you for your help with this.  You views will be used to inform my research findings.


  • blended
    blended Member Posts: 1
    Q1 Yes
    Q2 Online information and communication supported with a range of tools for those who prefer to listen/read text/ read images for meaning.
    Q3 Teacher trainer.
    I hope your research is a success :smile:
  • Scosup
    Scosup Member Posts: 1
    Yes, on-line support is a good idea, not only for learners with disabilities but for teenagers distracted by social concerns. My son was quite good at Maths, but he kind of wanted to do the social thing. I think if he could have accessed on-line support, it would have helped him with setting priorities and time-management.  Access to Maths videos such as are available on-line nowadays (my son is in his thirties) would have kept him focused on the subject.  I am a parent. 
  • sophielane
    sophielane Member Posts: 1
    1. Yes
    2. Online support would be beneficial providing it was thorough and interactive.  It would need to be delivered at a range of levels to engage a range of learners with different abilities. 
    3. Teacher
  • Dory
    Dory Member Posts: 4
    1: Yes definitely
    2: Elearning is very popular in schools all over these days, I currently do many online courses for free where you can even buy legitimate diplomas etc its at
    3: Student (48yrs old) used to be IT manager for a number of schools.
    I have looked into becoming a registered school for online learning but got lost in the rigmarole.
    Good look either way and if there is any way I can help let me know.


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