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How come DLA allowed yet PIP refused for same issues?

JenniferU Member Posts: 108 Courageous
@MntalStrugglin on Twitter asks:

"Is my life really worthless? Do I not need extra help to combat my illnesses? How come DLA allowed yet PIP refused for same issues?"


  • pinksugarmouse
    pinksugarmouse Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I have several years experience as a C.A.B Adviser. PIP was designed to reduce the number of people who were claiming money for the extra help they need. DLA was arguably designed around the social model of disability. PIP by comparison is a step backwards being "designed to target the most disabled people"

    I was eligible for the care component of DLA at the lower rate but I cannot show that I meet the criteria for PIP. The mobility component has become so strict that you effectively need to be a wheelchair user to be eligible.

    My advice is; when you complete the form make sure you make best use of the sections for additional information. Lay it on. I am not suggesting you exaggerate but be careful that you are not underestimating the worst aspects of your disabilities. Get lots of supporting information from doctors, specialists. If a partner, family member, friend etc helps you a lot, ask them to write a statement for you saying what they do and ask them to sign it. And take copies of everything.

    Remember if you can do something but by doing so it would; cause great pain, risk injury, take far longer to complete than another person without your condition or the act of doing it would restrict your activity for the rest of the day then you CANNOT do that task.

    For example; I could theoretically use the bath. However I would have to climb in and out by getting on all fours. This would put enormous pressure through my hands and knees which would be extremely painful and would risk serious damage. I would be very unsteady and at risk of slipping and injuring myself. If I injured my joints this would have a severe impact on my rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore I CANNOT use the bath.

    If you are turned down it is always worth asking for a 'mandatory reconsideration'. You have to request this within one month of hearing the decision on your claim.

    Advice centres up and down the country are being closed but if there is one anywhere near you I suggest you ask if they will help you complete it. In the meantime try and keep a record of what life is like. How long tasks take you to complete? Do you need someone around in case you hurt yourself? Do they cause pain? Does it cause you fatigue?

    PIP is a farce. It takes away money from people who have genuine extra costs because they have a disability. They have to take taxi's when other people walk. They need to pay people to do household tasks that most able bodied people do themselves (not that DWP think disabled people even require help with housework, it is entirely ignored for PIP as it was for DLA).

    Good Luck xx


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