Cerebral Palsy
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Mummy seeking adivce

Hi everyone I have just joined this community as I need some advice.
I had my son last year at 25 weeks we've had a roller coaster of a year, but he has done amazingly well, we started physio a couple of months ago and I can tell by het responses that she thinks something is wrong but she won't say. When she left today I just cried and cried thinking that I just want someone to tell me what's wrong. My consultant did the same thing a couple of months ago.
We have had so much bad news first finding out he has a profound hearing loss and now possibly cerebral palsy. He still can't use his hands properly due to high tone but has progressed so much lately I thought maybe I was being worried for nothing. 
Has anyone else had problems with muscle tone and what the outcome was?? 


  • dannybrownlowdannybrownlow Member Posts: 2
    Hi, my daughter was born at 23 weeks and we where in exactly in the same situation as you find yourself in. She was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy but not until she was nearly four years old the doctors and consultants would never give us a definite answer. All I can say is to just keep strong and pushing to get the right help for your son. Keep the physio going it really does help, ask about getting an occupational therapist involved they can help provide specialist equipment for your son who I am sure will flourish no matter what obstacles he has to face.
  • Jennydavidson1904Jennydavidson1904 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding, I won't let them fob me off for long lol just having one of those doubtful days where I worry about eveything and cry....I have an app with my neonatologist next week I have stored up questions and taking my husband too so he can ask as well x
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