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What is important to you when receiving customer service?

Gavin Member Posts: 8
Hi All,

We at Neatebox have developed an app that will help customer services teams better attend to the needs of disabled people, but we need your help to understand what's important in terms of customer service and retail accessibility. You can fill out the short survey here - https://neatebox.typeform.com/to/ItgbWu.

If you have a visual impairment please download the word .docx file attached at the bottom of this post and send back to [email protected] when completed, thank you.

Customer Service is close to everyone's heart.  It is something which can leave you feeling elated or flattened within a couple of seconds of receiving it.  This has never been more evident than now with daily social media posts highlighting examples where customer service teams or employees have fallen short of where we all, quite rightly, expect them to be. 

At Neatebox we've given a solution some thought and have come up with a Customer Service Application (YouTube clip below) which gives the service team an instant aide memoir based on your needs as you arrive at their location.  This could be as simple as "please introduce yourself to me" or as complex as a specific need for that day e.g. "I require a specific room with the following amenities".

Our free application (Link below) just requires you to input a few pieces of information i.e. name, date of birth, photograph and the disability you might want the customer service team to be aware of and you just leave the app running as you enter the venue.  The CS team receive a notification and some "top tips" on how to interact. 


Its early days for this innovation but we have some test sites in Edinburgh which in conjunction with some volunteers with varying needs we will be using to improve the application for an official launch in 2017.

YOU can help.  In fact we are incredibly keen for you to do so. Here is our survey that needs your input. With your help we can improve our app to improve your retail experience.


You don't have to download the app although we would be happy if you did as we could get feedback on its design and feedback on where we could expand our services (link below) but predominately we are looking for examples of information the customer service team could have on your arrival in order to help you better.

Should you be in Edinburgh and wish to take part please let us know as it would be fantastic to involve you.

My very best regards to all.

.gavin neate.
CEO Neatebox. 


  • Gavin
    Gavin Member Posts: 8
    Customer Service is consistently being highlighted as an issue.  Would anyone like to feed into a free application which can help customer service teams give them better assistance?  please get in touch.  .gavin.


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