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Specialist Housing requirments

Good morning,
  I wanted to gauge whether people find it challenging to find suitable properties to live in?  This can be for renting or buying purposes and not including council initiatives.  I am aware that it is difficult to find appropriately adapted or adaptable properties and I wondered if a service that helped find these appropriate places would be useful?  
I have just become self employed as a property finder and would be interested to hear from people that are possibly finding their property search difficult, or about any specific challenges that I may not have considered.
Dan Foy


  • onmybiketoo
    onmybiketoo Member Posts: 7 Connected
    difficult is an understatement, been on re housing list for over 5 years. What we need just does not exist. our story here http://onmybiketoo.blogspot.co.uk 
  • pip
    pip Member Posts: 71 Connected
    though I live in the family home with my elderly mum, I sometimes consider different living arrangements for us both, we usually decide to stay, a service to find suitable places to live in suitable locations for people with disabilities r difficulties might help.
  • Hallix
    Hallix Member Posts: 12 Connected
    Hi I work for Enham Trust who provide a range of housing options it might help https://www.enhamtrust.org.uk/our-services/housing
  • Foy
    Foy Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I am based in London but can look for properties for clients in most places in the UK.  If you would like to discuss how I could help please do get in touch.  http://foyspropertysearch.com 
  • TiggerMJ
    TiggerMJ Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I am a married mum of 3 children, & I have cerebral palsy. I used to get around using elbow crutches and used a wheelchair occasionally. Last year, I had spinal surgery and was left with spinal trauma, and am now pretty much a full-time wheelchair user. This now means that our current home is no longer suitable. We are waiting to be re-housed in wheelchair accessible housing, and it is proving very difficult. The most recent house we've been offered does not allow me access to the children's bedrooms, which, as a Mum used to being very pro-active in the children's lives, I am very upset about. My local Council do not see this as an issue, as "the downstairs bedroom & wet room meet your needs as a wheelchair user, you don't need to go upstairs". Feeling more useless by the day, when all we want is our 'forever home' and I want to be a Mum & Wife again & be independent, but I feel like I'm asking for the moon.
  • Ashley6f
    Ashley6f Member Posts: 6 Listener
    I have been on the priority housing list for a suitable property but it is very rare they come up they have recently offered me a property in an old people’s complex I’m only 52 this would not suit me at all they have all the reports from occ Thearpy hospital and doctors they even came out to do there own assessment they all agree need to be in 2 bed ground floor with parking and they will come in and do grab rails and stuff the property I was offered is not even allowed to have a grab rail cause it’s a listed building no parking at all it makes me wonder if they even read the applications that are put in front of them 


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