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Can anyone help?

wheelsgalore100wheelsgalore100 Member Posts: 2 Listener
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I suffer from Cerebral Palsy, as a result of an illness.   I have been studying with the Open University for a number of years and am currently studying for my Ph.D.  My area of research is in neuroscience and my doctorate concerns visual-perceptual impairment (VPI) in Cerebral Palsy.   Essentially, there are two parts: qualitative, which is done online, citing various scientific papers, and a quantitative element, where I generate data.  I wonder if you would be kind enough to help me please with this aspect.   Whilst, this might be a few years down the line, I want things in place as much as I can.  This, too, will be done online and I had to consider what aspect of Cerebral Palsy I could test, with regards to non-Cerebral Palsy suffers.  I would write a computer program (who said doing a PhD is straight forward!).  My intentions is to write a simple program, which is easy to use (user friendly), short in duration and fun.  I wondered about testing coordination, such as a simple computer game, but have not finally made my mind up.  All the data generated will be destroyed and would not ask for anyone's personal details, except whether they are male or female and, possibly, the age range they fell into e.g. 10-20.



Another aspect to my thesis will be medicinal chemistry, of a few of the drugs taken to manage some of the symptoms of CP.  Drugs, such as the antispasmodic Baclofen, and anticonvulsants.   I do not take any drugs myself, apart from coffee, so had to find out a few common drugs, when I studied for my MSc.  Maybe there are newer antispasmodics, which people take, to manage spasticity and other symptoms, such as epilepsy and drooling.  I wonder, if you could be kind enough, to advise me on common drugs? Baclofen is an older drug and know it has been updated with PAMS (positive allosteric modulators), which targets specific brain areas. 


If anyone can help me with any aspect please email me.  If you take drugs, such as Baclofen, please get in touch.  I will not use personal details as I’m only interested in the drugs taken and if they help.



E: [email protected]   


  • williaywilliay Member Posts: 5 Listener
    My husband takes baclofen  for MS but also takes drugs such as gabapentin and amytripyline if that is of any use.
  • Kathy_BramleyKathy_Bramley Member Posts: 133 Pioneering
    Ward Plunet is an active neuroscientist on Google+ with an active following. Might be a good place for conversation. There's a patient site he recommended to me, for active collaboration... I need to look it up. Can't remember it's exact name. 
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