Study on Pressure and Posture Management for Wheelchair Users

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Hi, my name is Leigh Rebekah Abbott and I am are currently recruiting wheelchair users to take part in a survey. 

The results of this survey will be passed on to the Posture & Mobility Group ( to help occupational therapists better their understanding of communicating certain features on peoples wheelchairs. 

The online survey is from the University of South Wales under the supervision of Dr Dan Bowers and Dr Rachel Taylor.

We are funded by the Posture & Mobility Group to investigate wheelchair users opinions about the features of their wheelchairs and how they are using these, as well as seeking information about the wheelchair user to prevent issues such as pressure ulcers and to manage their posture with/without any features that have been prescribed to the wheelchair user by a clinician. We are also interested in how wheelchair users see themselves in comparison to other wheelchair users and what sort of friendship and social groups they consider to be part of.

If there are any wheelchair users (manual or powered) that are interested in completing this survey, please find the link below to participate.

We are also recruiting participants to be interviewed in relation to the above. I can arrange Skype interviews. If you are a wheelchair user and are interested in being interviewed, please do not hesitate to contact me (details are provided below).

Kindest regards,


Leigh Rebekah Abbott

Senior Research Assistant

University of South Wales

Phone: 01443 483637
Twitter: (at)USWPPMP
Facebook: @LeighRebekahAbbott
Skype: leigh_rebekah_abbott


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