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Hi i was told that because my son is 12 and i get dla i would get a council tax rebate myself and my partner both work ?


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    You can get help towards your council tax if your house has been significantly adapted for your (or your son's) disability. We have things like a lift, hoist and a wetroom and they give us a discount the equivalent of one band. It's not related to our income.

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    Ok ty 
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    Hi chalmers123

    There are two main ways to reducing your Council Tax bill: 1) Discounts reduce your liability and are not affected by income. As Blue Frog says this might be due to a disability reduction. 2) Council Tax Support/Reduction (used to be Council Tax Benefit) is a benefit that can pay some or all of the Council Tax but this is means tested and so you may not qualify depending on the level of your and your partner's income.

    The entitledto website should be able to help you with this.

    I hope this helps
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