What benefits am I entitled to?
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attendance allowance

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  • carnap1carnap1 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Can anyone explain why, not having claimed anything in my life and at 69 find that I do need help due to a disability which has gradually declined since I was 28 and had a slipped disc.I now find that the only thing I can claim is an attendance allowance!!. The most important thing for me is my car which I was hoping to swap for a mobility car and find I am too old. I am so angry when I see people that have claimed for everything and got it and I left it until I could no longer cope to find I am TOO OLD.
  • AlexAlex Scope Posts: 1,324 Pioneering
    edited April 2017
    Hi @carnap1

    Sorry to hear that, it does sound very unfair. 

    I know it's not any consolation - but I suspect one of the reasons they don't allow older people (who are not already on DLA/PIP) on the motability scheme is to focus the scheme on people who are working age - as the car could help them get to and from work.

    Great that you can get Attendance Allowance though - that's the same amount of money as the Daily living component of PIP.
  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    Like a lot of more senior UK citizens, I sense that you are astonished at the decline in service within the welfare state?
    People with chronic conditions and lifelong disabilities have been monitoring this decline now for a number of years.
    I often wonder how many pople correlate the huge decline in welfare spending with the ammount of tax evasion afforded to corporations by the UK government (interesting figures)?
    When you think how you have been denied a vehicle in your senior years under the once excellent Motability system, just consider how many people never spoke out about the new Nuclear Missle System and the 2 Useless Aircraft Carriers and already outclassed F35 fighter jets weve just forked out Trillions for?
    I bet you'd trade in all that POINTLESS ordinance right now to get hold of a nice little Corsa? We have our government to thank for that.  
  • carnap1carnap1 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    I have to agree with everything you say. There used to be great help for older people but now we are treated as the ones using all the money because we are living longer. I worked nearly 50 years and now I need help I am struggling to get any. I have applied for the attendance allowance which will take up to 6 weeks to be assessed and no guarantees I will get it.
  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    edited April 2017
    In 2014/15 the UK government spent £258 Billion pound on welfare.

    The Guardian reckons £16 a year is lost to corporate Tax avoidance alone.  Never mind misspending on Arms/illeagal war etc.  Lets not even get into money misappropriated on an anual basis by MPs!

    £2.5 Billion will be spent on the F35 Lightning (a very conservative estimate Im sure)  This Fighter plane is already deemed redundant compared to the tech of potential world enemies now so thats all been flused down the toilet already.  Much like the countless billions spent on the Scrapped Nimrod Early Warning system and the updating of the Chinook.

    £6.2 Billion is reported cost of the two Aircraft Carriers for the F35s!  This figure is going to sky rocket into the red as time goes by as the planes are going to need constant updating and rebuilding because they are not fit for purpose!

    Get this!  approximately £40 billion will be spent on renewing The Trident Nuclear submarine programme.

    So thats £50 Billion on top of the "ordinary" so called defense spending in the last few years alone.  Its probably double that in reality as they lie about all the costs.

    Im only using this small part of our defense spending as an example of how the British public is being ripped off.  Im not even going to mention any other gargantuan financial follies.

    I reckon that would have paid for your Corsa and a couple of fluffy dice to boot eh?

    The thieving corporations is one thing.  But if you consider the only reason we have a Nuclear Arsenal and a carrier fleet etc. Is to bolster the USAs nefarious projects abroad then its kind of wrong, dont you think?  I mean wrong that we are allowing our government to waste all this money?  Isnt it?  

    Imagine all the people it could help?  

    Did you know there are people litterally dieing from bennefit cuts?
  • carnap1carnap1 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi Alex thank you for your response. I have only applied for the attendance allowance and obviously will have to wait up to 6 weeks for a decision. I understand the view that mobility is there for workers but when you have worked with chronic pain and used public transport for at least 25 years it is upsetting that I can't get help with a car when my pain is so bad I wouldn't be able to leave the house without a one.
  • bendigedigbendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    edited April 2017

    "Britain’s accounting watchdog has sounded the alarm over the military’s spending plans, warning the MoD’s ability to pay for kit and maintenance is “at the highest risk ever”.

    The National Audit Office’s analysis of the MoD’s £178bn spending plans for 2016 to 2026 - which include projects such as the F-35 fighter, Dreadnought nuclear submarines and P-8 Poseidon spyplanes - warns of a series of concerns on the already stretched defence budget.

    Key worries highlighted by the watchdog include the military’s £10.7bn contingency fund set aside to meet emerging risks over the next decade. The NAO found that this entire reserve has to be used to hit existing plans. This would mean no money to tackle unforeseen dangers."

    Source- Telegraph 2017

    I dont understand why you should be denied a run around with your disability in your old age @carnap1.  The service has been part of our welfare system for long enough now.  Why the sudden meanness?

    The reason is the same reason every single expense that they can cut and squeeze is being wrung dry.  They are spending more in Defense and other areas at the same time they are cutting Welfare and NHS spending.

    We all have to undestand if we are apathetic about our Governments spending then we only have ourselves to blame when we find they our robbing our welfare state blind in order to achieve their objectives.

    You can be damned sure they wont be covering the short fall from their inflated and ever increasing sallaries in Westminster!  Especially since their fiddling and thieving has been recently exposed.  You can also guarantee that the tories, often millionaires and directors of huge Companies in thier own right, will never harm their Corporate friends by pursuing tax evasion from the Corporate Masters.

    Oh, Im almost certain that HRH wont be tightening her belt in line with the people of Britain.  If memory serves me correctly, the richest Woman in the world was recently asking for more money from the Nation.  I expect the rest of the Civil List wont be cutting any of their scrounging and theiving from the public purse either.

    If I were you Carnap1 I would be asking the Thieves mentioned above why you arent able to get a motobility car.  Apparently the above are the reasons that my wife and I are no longer teaching Britains children despite an apparent teacher shortage?

  • jose2jose2 Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    @jose2, carnap1, I don't know what pension credit your in receipt of on top of your pension, I rang pension credit today and asked if  I could get an attendance allowance or severe disability rate c/o pension credit ,and they said yes! ,too me it's a  an extreme increase and begins 17th April 2017 ,so that's why I rang today before 17th comes next week, I have no-one looking after me ,I'm my own carer..tele -no 0800 991234 ,ask them if your entitiled,can't hurt to ask! I never knew this and for 8 yrs when I got to pension age ,and up until today didn't and no-one tells you about what you can claim for c/o pension credit.
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