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Support for self harming children on the spectrum

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  • kidzawarekidzaware Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I am working with many young children on the spectrum who are self harming some of these children are only aged 6 -7 , unfortunately very little is being done in wake field to support these families , do you have any suggestions on what I can do to help these families other than being supportive and providing information which I am already doing I have real concerns for these families
  • RebeccaMHadvisorRebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous
    Hi @kidzaware

    Having a child who self harms is massively scary and I am speaking from personal experience. I wish I could give you lots of resources and amazing people to help but if I am being honest, the support for young people is limited and the support for parents, in many areas of the country is none existent.

    The NSPCC provide information on their website but I'm sure that they are not providing any information that you are not providing and there was a great article in the Huffington Post a few years ago.

    The one thing that I wish I had had was the ear of other parents so perhaps, if you have the capacity, a support groups so they can talk to each other? Self harm isn't something that is talked about widely and it is easy to think, as a parent, you are on your own and no one understands so it's great that you are there to be able to support them and I am sure that they really appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work
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