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Hi Everyone, I first contacted ATOS to make a formal complaint at the beginning of February 2017. 4 months ago. The last letter I had from them was dated 13th March. I have called them 3 times since then only to be told it was still being investigated but as they were still working on January complaints it would be a while yet before I heard from them. Does anyone know the official timescale for PIP complaints ? and any advice about how I can progress with this to ICE when ATOS are holding it up would be appreciated. Has anyone else managed to go to ICE and how did you do it?  


  • wildlife
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    Scope, Can anyone help with info. about the timescale for ATOS complaints? 
  • Sam_Alumni
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    @BenefitsTrainingCo @Debbie_Scope @Kirsty_Scope do you have any ideas on this?
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    Hi @wildlife,

    As far as I'm aware there are no statutory time scales for a PIP complaint to be investigated and resolved. If there is a statutory timescale, I'm yet to find it! Experience has shown that some PIP complaints can take quite a long time to resolve. You won't be able to move on and complain to ICE until you've had a final outcome.

    Your local MP might be able to put some pressure on the Independent Assessment Service (ATOS has re-branded to this new name).

    The guidance on the Independent Assessment Service website states

    A step-by-step guide to our complaint process

    If you decide you want to make a complaint, it’s important to understand the process we use to address any problems you might have. Here’s how it works:

    1. We receive your complaint and register it on our computer systems
    2. Your allocated Case Officer will write to you to let you know we have received your complaint (within 2 working days)
    3. We take all complaints seriously and review every one. We aim to respond to your complaint within 20 working days, including those we need to investigate in more detail. However, should our investigations take longer, you will be kept up to date by letter
    4. You will be sent a Final Response letter, complete with the Case Officer’s email address and phone number. If you are satisfied with our response then no further action is required
    5. If you disagree with our response please contact your Case Officer to tell us why you think we are wrong. A Senior Manager will then review your case to see if anything has been missed and start a further investigation if appropriate
    6. If we decide that no further investigation is required, we will write to you to confirm our decision
    7. Should you still be unhappy, we will send you a letter detailing what you can do next – this includes information on how to contact the Independent Case Examiner (ICE)
    Sorry I can't be more helpful than this but I hope you manage to get your complaint resolved soon.

    Best wishes
  • wildlife
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    @Debbie_Scope Thank-you. It looks like I just have to sit tight and wait for a response. The letter I received in march did say it was now with a senior manager but on the phone they keep repeating that what happened in the actual assessment cannot be proven and that my husband cannot be an independent witness even though he was sat next to me throughout the assessment. They have also contravened the above system by not keeping me informed of the progress of my complaint,  I've had to initiate all the chasing up. I will keep you posted as to the eventual outcome of the complaint which I fully expect will not be to my satisfaction.  
  • wildlife
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    Still no news from ATOS. I rang ICO and got advice about sending them a Subject Access Request. i.e any information they have about me including an update on my complaint under the Data Protection Act. They have 40 days to reply.
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    @Matilda, Not really as this is a positive step that could help a lot of people. We all have the right to access any information a company has about ourselves under the Data Protection Act, but not about anyone else i.e. assessors. This is why I've been struggling to get any details  about my assessor's qualifications as that is her personal data. But we can ask for our own PD and refusal is not an option as the law states they have to comply. So now I know what I can ask for and what not I have sent ATOS a request for all the information they have about me. This should include the tick box answers made online during my assessment, notes made when I've rung them and anything else about me. They are not allowed to change anything before sending it to me. The 40 days started yesterday and is straight time not working days. I may have to pay a fee but depending on the cost will go ahead to see what she wrote that was hidden from me. Of course it would have been better to get things right on the day but nevertheless it may give some clues as to when the lies begin. Is it quick thinking on their part changing what you say or inventing things or carefully thought out wording when the report is done. 


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