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25 year PIP experience

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  • leighanleighan Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hello this is my story and a very sad one, i was in a fire  arson in 1979 with my 11month old daughter we was very very badly burnt, i was burning in the window high up in flats with my baby in my arms, and i lost my unborn baby at 7 months at the time a baby girl. i have been on low rate and middle rate to say i cant walk and have a neave stuck and i,am so much pain,  my back is gone in 3 places now too, i have my right arm burnt to the bones and 38 per saint burnt 1st 2nd 3rd de burns all over me so has my daughter, i have had a life of hell from D.W.P, every year for the last 25 years in and out of there offices telling this sad story and my head cant take much more, i have p.m.s.d  and bad depresson  which i,am now waiting to see the top dr cos they have made me try to kill myself a few times over them taken me in there offices telling about me burning with my baby in my arm,s not forgetting my still birth baby daughter at 7 months cos of the fire, 3 men got 3 years out in 2 years, . i have even had to show my burnt body and my right arm burnt to the bones which now has skin on it from my legs. i was told to see pip which i did and fell over a few times in the office, get a grip of your self the lady from pip said, she stuck her finger to my face do you understand she said with a loud voice, get a grip of your self but i counld,t stand on one leg and over i went yet again. i was sitting on the chair at first this pip lady said i want to know about the fire grrr grrrr here i go again, about the fire and my daughter and me badly burnt, when i sat there my burnt arm was all showing and lots of my burns. i was crying and crying my heart out cos when i got to my unborn baby daughter at 7 months  i had to tell her that she was still born, i didt have a grave they did it there way behind my back burnt her littel Body, why o why cant the D.W.P let me have a life 25 years in there offices each year, i want to sue them  for making me live this nightmare over and over again, i did,t set fire to the flats the 3 men did, pip lady look,t at me and said wait for this everyone,, You have,t been in a fire and you never had skin grafts, oooo will i pass out any min,t i thought maybe it a bad nightmare i,am not burnt i counld,t stop crying has we was both one year getting skingrafts done, and i never seen my 11 month old daughter till one year after when she came back from oddstock, i was in guernsey at the time,. note i had a letter from pip no points not one, like pip said i was,t burnt and we have,t had skin grafts cos there is no records about a fire is this lady from pip nuts. i look,t into my case they never had any records here in england , i have sent for them myself from guernsey last year to fight my case over 1000 pages and sent all the paper work to them over a year ago pip said we didt get them record,d to there office, two months ago i had to start all over again now i,am waiting. my story goes i,am ser dis from the fire it on my records will i get 25 years back pay no way . i lived 25 years over here with nothing 113 aweek low and middle rate once a month the fight goes on. let my unborn baby girl rest and me try to have a life cant i sue  them 25 years of of hell, this is so so sad leighan
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @leighan welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your very difficult story, I am so sorry about the things you have gone through and the loss of your child.

    Stories like yours are so tough to hear, it is desperately sad and I really feel for you.

    In a practical way, is there any information that we can help you with? When you say you have had to start all over again, is this a new PIP claim or a new appeal?

    Did you manage to send all your evidence with this new claim two months ago?  From the people I have spoken to about PIP, all I can say is that the more evidence you can provide, the better. 

    We have a lovely community here and I hope that you will find some support and care from our members, so many of us have been through these processes and so there is a lot of understanding.
    Senior online community officer
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