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Dyspraxia and Depression help?

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  • jobshunt567
    jobshunt567 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    hi melanie i have dyspraxia and i am wondering how to feel better about it because i have depression
  • BeccaShark123
    BeccaShark123 Member Posts: 46 Courageous
    Hi @jobshunt567 ! Fellow dyspraxic and person with depression here.

    Are you being supported with your dyspraxia and depression? I only ask because dyspraxia can be absolutely infuriating at times, but I have found having support from
    my university really helps! The same with depression- I am very well supported by the Disability Support service at my university, as well as getting support from family and friends.

    Best wishes,

    Becca :smile:
  • melaniethorley
    melaniethorley Member Posts: 138 Pioneering
    Good morning and sorry to hear you are struggling. Depression can come with dyspraxia, as Becca says, having dyspraxia can be infuriating. Support from your school/college/university would certainly help. Adapting strategies to cope with the dyspraxia might also help. My go-to support for my depression is medication. I would not be able to study or work without medication. 

    you might feel different if you embraced your dyspraxia - myself and my team do not view any learning difficulty/difference as a deficit. it is what makes you who you are. Concentrate on your strengths...
  • onlygirl
    onlygirl Member Posts: 19 Connected
    My son has Dyspraxia and ASD. He has struggled all through his school years and now aged 20 he's in college, his course is independent life skills. He's overcome so many obstacles and I'm very proud of him. Boxer size helps him and he's enjoying cooking but he's terribly lonely... The only groups are for toddlers or 30 miles away...people don't understand his condition however he's well loved by all my friends and he is my best friend, wherever I go my son comes with me, I just hope his confidence improves this year and he becomes more independent


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