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I need your help! :)

Hi Everyone,

I am a third year English Language Studies student at the University of Winchester. I writing to see if any of you would be willing or able to help me out with data collection for my final dissertation project. The dissertation focuses on the phonetic acquisition of suprasegmental features (this is just the academic term for speech processes such as intonation, stress, rhythm etc) by hearing impaired children with and without the aid of cochlear implants. This is a topic that I am very interested and passionate about.

For the study, I need to collect anonymous audio recordings from children with hearing impairment (with congenital hearing loss) aged 7-18, reading a very short sample of text provided from a children's book. I will also require the completion of a short questionnaire. The process will be very quick and easy. 

 I am sending this as a preliminary message; if you are able to help me gather some data from your children or other hearing impaired children that you know then please let me know by replying to this thread or emailing me directly at [email protected] I will then send you more detailed information along with the official letter and consent form.

Thank you in advance, it would be extremely thankful if you could help me out with this. Kiera 


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