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Hi everyone, my name is Tom

tomwass Member Posts: 1 Listener
I am a third (and final) year Graphic Design student and am designing a kitchen product for wheelchair users and children living at home with parents/ grandparents etc. My aim is to help wheelchair users and children be more independent and help to contribute when in the kitchen with the food preparation and washing up. I think it will also help to make the family be more sociable in what is one of the most important rooms of a household. 

The idea is for a customised kitchen sink, most likely fitted in a kitchen island, that has a slide-out or fold-out 'countertop' from underneath or beside the main sink. 

This countertop will be at the level for a wheelchair user to sit comfortably at or for a child to stand at and either help prep food or help dry and air out crockery and utensils. My vision is that the 'washer' at the kitchen sink will wash and rinse plates and the 'dryer' can dry with a tea-towel and stack the crockery/ utensils or just put them into an imbedded drying rack that will come in the countertop. There will also be cover to slide on top of the countertop which food can be cut on top of of plates stacked for example. 

I hope I have described the idea well enough.
Any questions or feedback whether positive or negative would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom.


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