Undiagnosed and rare conditions
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Hi all, I'm new to scope so be gentle. I've been on anti depressants for nearly 3 years, going OK I have low days but doesn't everyone. A year ago I started slurring my speech cut a long story shortish had an mri which came back negative for stroke which is what my gp thought I'd had. Since, I've been diagnosed with dysarthria, which is a neurological condition affecting the muscles in my mouth, tongue & jaw. Consultant at hospital says it's due to stress/anxiety/depression as my mri is clear. I don't think it is I think something else is wrong & they haven't seen/tested me for it. I've had blood tests/vitamin tests etc everything comes back within normal parameters. But I feel as though cause a specialist doctor has said it's down to stress they've left me. I feel as though I'm in a vicious circle cause doctor thinks it's stress related but I get stressed having to speak. There's no help group's or even discussion forums out there that I've found, so can anyone relate????  Just want someone to speak to who's going through the same/similar thing. As can't express myself clearly to people around me, as everyone who I speak to has to ask me to repeat myself. It's getting me down. I used to be very chatty but now I'm more introverted & quiet.


  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,906 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome and you are doing the right thing joining here 
    I am a fibro warrior !💜♏️
  • sleepy1sleepy1 Member Posts: 299 Pioneering
    Hi @phnix210, not sure I will be able to help but I do understand how awful this must be for you as I more or less lost my voice completely due to a rare neurological disorder, thankfully the voice came back (much to the annoyance of others).

    Did they do a lumber puncture/spinal tap?  I believe this can tell them a lot more than an mri scan or blood tests.  As far as I know neurological disorders are not usually coursed by stress, but I am not a doctor so don't take that as medical advice.  Perhaps you should try and get another referral with a different specialist to see what their opinion is.  Not easy to do but pestering your GP over the phone or by email helps.

    Hopefully you will get some better help and advice from someone else suffering with the same thing, in the meantime chin up X 
  • Jean_OTJean_OT Member Posts: 532 Pioneering

    Hi @phnix210

    Welcome to the community. I absolutely agree that if you have concerns about the process that has lead to your diagnosis that you should seek advice from your GP.

    When I'm seeking information about a condition and potential sources of support with it I often check out the nhs pages first as the information there tends to be credible. So I checked out: 


    Unfortunately it seems as if there isn't a uk support group for dysarthria.

    For information about additional types of tests for exploring potential underlying causes of dysarthria, try the website of the USA Mayo clinic   


    Although most websites discussing dysarthria don't mention stress as a potential cause I did find this one which may be of interest:


    Hope this helps in some way


    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/ask-an-occupational-therapist

  • smiler43smiler43 Member Posts: 33 Connected
    Hi phnix210
    I am 43 yrs old female who had a brain tumour medulloblastoma two years ago they couldn't remove it all to dangerous I have disabilities now i also have speech problems which is annoying people cannot understand me and I have to repeat myself . My speech is slow and slurred . The physio gave me some speech exercises to do or you could sing to different songs which is what i do . I have a few disabilities since the ops I had 5 ops to my head.  Hope you find somethingg useful xx 
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