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Opinions on current retail employee's service quality

luc_90 Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hi fellow members, 

First of all, I'm new new here and would like to introduce myself. =)
I am Luc, currently studying MA Fashion Retail Management in London College of Fashion and currently working on my dissertation. My dissertation topic revolves around existing retail employee's service quality and how it would impact the shopping journey of disabled shoppers. 

The reason for choosing this topic is mainly driven by events I have encountered when shopping in some retail stores where structural adjustments such as ramps, lifts are provided to assist people with disability but it seems that the behaviour and attitude of retail employee has failed to assist and interact with people with disability. Hence, this makes me wonder if store accessibility for disabled shoppers is more than just legal enforcement and structural adjustments. I would love to investigate further into this issue and hopefully able to come up with strategic recommendations for retailers to be more inclusive and create a desirable shopping experience for disabled shoppers. 

Here are a few simple questions that I would love to know about your opinions on existing retail accessibility and their employee's servicing skills. 

1.     Could you define what is reasonable accessibility of a retail store?

2.     What is your opinion on the current retail store accessibility? 

3.     How important is retail frontline employee’s service quality to you?

4.     Have you experience any good service provided by retail employee? If so, how and why?

5.     Have you experience any bad service provided by retail employee? If so, how and why?

6.     What is your action/s after encounter with any good/bad service provided by the retailer?

Thank you in advance for your precious time and attention, it is much appreciated!

Best wishes and have a awesome day ahead! =)



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