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Daughter's PIP claim declined

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This discussion was created from comments split from: My son's 16, changed from DLA to PIP, scored zero points.


  • Adi72
    Adi72 Member Posts: 47 Connected

    Can anyone help me?My daughter has claimed for PIP(i did form on her behalf)and it was declined twice and has now gone to appeal.All of my benefits have stopped as a Carer and we have also been told that unless she does 12+hours at college that we wont get tax credits evennof she does get the PIP.The tribunial is est for December this year.

    So stressful as we cannot lose the house as it would be detrimental to her alreaddy bad health.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 273 Pioneering
    Hi Adi72

    Thank you for posting and welcome to the community.

    I am so sorry to read that your benefits package has collapsed because your daughter isn't getting a disabilty benefit at the moment. 

    Firstly, don't lose heart, because 65 to 70% of people going to tribunal win their cases. A measure of how unfit for purpose the PIP assessments are.

    In the meantime, I am wondering which benefit you might get. If you are well yourself,  you may need to claim either Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit UC), depending upon where you live. Check whether you are in a Universal Credit area using this link:


    If you are not well enough to work yourself, and aren't in a full service UC area, you can claim Employment and Support Allowance  (ESA). 

    If your daughter has left school or college, she can also claim ESA as an adult - it won't be as much as the tax credits plus child benefit, but it should help.

    If this seems like a bit of a maze, and it is really, give your local Citizens Advice Bureau a try. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, please phone the Scope Helpline on 0808 800 3333 - we can discuss your situation and suggest what your options might be. 

    Have you had someone help you with the appeal? Have you anyway written about which descriptors you think should apply in your daughter's case? This is key to getting an award of PIP.  If in doubt, take a look at the online leaflet "How to Win a PIP Appeal" at www.advicenow.org.uk.

    Best wishes


  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    Hello and welcome to the community. 

    I’m sorry to hear that. But do not give up hope just yet. Many people who appeal the decision are ultimately successful in doing so. This proves how messed up the assessments can be for disabled people and their families too. You have every right to contest the decision.

    This is a updated table of activities for PIP - have a look and see which ones apply to your daughter. 
    Do you get any other benefits like ESA for example? If you are still confused I would suggest that you speak with a benefits advisor in your area. They should be able to help you sort this out pronto. Hugs. Please hang in there!! Alternatively you can contact Scope for further advice and information regarding your claim. PIP is not always easy to understand. Best of luck. It is vitally you seek assistance and support before proceeding with a appeal or tribunal. 

    Can you work? If not look at ESA. 
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    Hi Adi72

    Firstly, don't lose heart, because 65 to 70% of people going to tribunal win their cases. A measure of how unfit for purpose the PIP assessments are.
    I hope that you don't mind me correcting your figures but for those that don't have a qualified representative taking the case at a Tribunal the actual figure is less than 50%.
    The figure you are quoting relates only to cases where qualified representation is in place.

    I knew that the figure was lower for unrepresented appeals but Mike Hughes kindly advised me of what it is.


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