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What AAC device will be suitable?


  • debsh79debsh79 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi my son is 5 classed as non verbal and  he is autistic we are trying to get him a AAC devise. The problem we have is that he is doing great at home but not so great at school. The school do not see his potential and will not try to move him forward with his education or communicatiin as the have no proof he is capable even though I am telling them he is. He is doing great with his pecs at home but not at school. A team is coming to our home to discuss what device Alex will suit only because I am pushing them into it. We don't know which device will be suitable and are sick of trying to explain how clever our son is. No one seems to see his potential and that's not only really annoying but really sad that teachers and health professionals are so negative. How do I find out which communication device is more suitable for him and how do I prove he can do this?
  • Ryan_AssistiveRyan_Assistive Scope adviser Posts: 14 Courageous
    Hello @debsh79

    Firstly thank you for your question and i am happy to give my advice below. 

    With regards to your 5 year old son, there are many avenues that you can use to get him the help and support to access AAC within the home and school environment.
    Firstly i think it would be ideal if you are able to have a meeting with the school to discuss what barriers could be present that may be causing or contributing to your son not interacting with the PECs whilst in that environment. This would need to be resolved before any other form of AAC is provided as the Speech and Language Therapist or other health professional would need to see that there is a cognitive understanding to be able to use an AAC device, whether this is low tech or a high tech system. 

    With the advice on which device is more suitable for your son, i am unable to advise on this as i have never meet your son nor do i have a history or understanding of his health needs and mobility limitations. If you are privately funding an AAC device you can always contact a specialist communication company ie SmartBoxAT or Tobii, for them to come out and do a free assessment for your son to see if there is a suitable device available for him, but i strongly advise that you have a speech and language therapist/pathologist from either your local health authority or a link to the school as this will help with funding for your son and also the specialist adaptions that may be needed to his vocabulary and cognitive understanding of the symbol`s, words or pictures that he may connect with best. 

    If you require any more information or have some specific questions that you would like to explore and discuss in a more in-depth manner, then please do either reply to this post or contact me via email at [email protected] mentioning this post where we can arrange a phone call or other means of contact. 

    Kindest Regards, 

    Ryan Kennedy 
  • debsh79debsh79 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you for your advice I will look into the info you have given me
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