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Escape from fires in residential homes

Hi. I am master product design engineering student currently looking into improving methods to evacuate disabled/mobility impaired individuals from residential homes in the event of a fire. To help further my research I am looking for some feedback from people within disabled community. Specifically I am wondering
a) How do you feel about the current evacuation methods & technology. (either in homes or flats)
b) Do you feel like these methods & technology could be improved to give individuals more independence when evacuating.
c) Have you any suggestion in how to improve the methods.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you have!


  • JulesA65
    JulesA65 Member Posts: 33 Courageous
    I have worked in residential units for Adults with LD and been a care worker. I think having to use the Evac chair is ok but if someone is wheelchair bound, they have to transfer to the Evac chair which can be a bit embarassing for them. Not sure how you would get round this. A hoist perhaps that could be attached to the wheelchair to help down the stairs? 
  • connormcguigan
    connormcguigan Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thanks very much for your response Jules. I completely agree that the main issue exists with having to move the from wheelchair to chair. I also feel it can be time consuming.


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