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Ableism in Public Transport

nkaron Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hi there!
If you would feel comfortable sharing a couple of experiences you have had on public transport with me that would be much appreciated!

This is a largely theoretical project, so it's perfectly fine if you would rather not!
We are trying to see if we can create an app or product or service that can add a more dignified and inclusive feature to the current public infrastructure, looking specifically at how better to facilitate confidence and safety for individuals travelling alone. ( For reference, apps such as Wayfindr, Assist-Mi, etc. )

You could also fill out a 3 minute survey:  and share it with people who you think wouldn't mind adding to my research!

Also feel free to leave comments if there is any way I could improve my method/ if my questions are too presumptuous. Cheers!


  • TheFlyingWheelchair
    TheFlyingWheelchair Member Posts: 3 Listener
    I am a wheelchair user so I use the wheelchair space on buses. Often I get on the bus, and the people with buggies glare at me with evil eyes but nevertheless, they move out of the way most of the time. One time though, I got on the bus and there was a buggy in the wheelchair space. She looked at me and sighed sadly and eventually moved. I got in and she saw there was no room for her MASSIVE buggy and said: "Well, what am I supposed to do now?". I said "Maybe fold it?", and she didn't reply and was sulking at me. She made me feel guilty that I was a wheelchair user having to use the wheelchair space like I was going into her space. Anger was rising up inside me but I managed to keep calm!

    When people are reluctant to leave the wheelchair space, it makes me feel guilty that I want to use public transport. I know I shouldn't because everyone has the right to use public transport, including wheelchair users.


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