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Should I file a complaint now or wait for the decision?

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This discussion was created from comments split from: pip medical assessor lied feel so ashamed now.


  • Kittenpink23
    Kittenpink23 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    I had my assessment at home due to the nature of my illnesses, I had a friend with me, as I been very unwell going through this transfer from DLA TO PIP.
    I was in bed when the woman health professional arrived and I stayed there for the owe assessment. I could tell my friend had been hoodwinked from the started, the woman kept interrupting me when I was trying to tell her about how my illnesses affect my life.
    She kept trying to put words in my mouth, two days later I called for a copy of her report and couldn’t believe what I was reading so much so that I first thought it was someone else’s report, there  where so many lies in there, I told her I don’t go in the kitchen it’s a dangerous place for me, she wrote I could cook myself a meal, I told her I don’t go out on my own,she wrote I can plan a journey and go out without any aid, I am housebound which has also been told to them in the letters from my GP and consultant, the lies are endless, the answers she has written she has made me out to be lying on my pip form I sent in. 
    I have looked on the B/W forum and I have got 26 points..
    My question is should I wait for my official letter of there decision, or should I file a complaint now.
    Many Thanks
  • justg72
    justg72 Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
    Sounds identical to mine, I filed a complaint straight away. I filed the complaint then I asked for a copy of my assessment report and then I got my decision and I scored 0 on both daily living and mobility I am currently waiting for a tribunal date.
    Good luck with your PIP.
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    And me too. I had three assessments like that - the assessors refusing to engage in any form of conversation and only wanting me to agree with what they were saying - in the end it got so bad that I said - 'whatever you say, you're wasting my time being here - you're not listening to me are you?'

    Obviously I was given 0 points but twice it was reversed on MR to enhanced care & mobility. The third time the DWP refused to change the 0 points on MR.

    Complain? Not too sure if this makes any difference. Fighting the assessing company would be something that would be too much for me. Completing the claim forms and putting up with the rubbish uttered by an assessor was enough. 


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