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PIP stopped after forms arrived too late

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  • sox364
    sox364 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you both for the welcome. I’ve just been (without knowing) taken off pip, because the forms I sent in for renew ( 5 months before pip was up to) arrived two days late, mind you they had arrived before I received the letter telling me I’m no longer entitled!!  It makes me so so mad!! It took me months to fill in the form... I have failing eyesight, ptsd, EDS CFS CPS, fibro, terrible pain, awful brain fog and cannot concentrate or think clearly for more than an hour in total per day. I am now at the mercy of a faceless manager who may be nice is what they told me on the phone BUT they also advised me to put in a new claim for pip!!! So I’m in for a *cough* lovely Xmas! I’m massively overdrawn, unwell with a terrible cold at the mo so have done nothing about it. It’s all so tiring and depressing.
    on the phone the pip person said... that of the forms sent out 90% are returned very quickly indeed and within ten days. 
    How? How do legitimately disabled  people fill those forms in so fast??? I say legitimate only because we are branded as phoney... surely only the phoney claimants get their forms filled in so fast!! Many days post can build up here because I cannot see clear enough to look at it anyway!
    i phoned my gp surgery to get a supportive letter,,, took 13 weeks. I made an appt yo see gp care advisor yo ask for help with forms, next appt was in 7 weeks time!!
    its a crazy horrid world atm.
    and Xmas looms.
    ok ranting over!

    how long does it take you to get these forms done?
  • Tardis
    Tardis Member Posts: 214 Pioneering
    edited December 2018
    That is a very good point.  A lot of people will have help from a friend or family member.  Some have help from advice agencies.  Others might try keeping a form up to date (the forms don't change that much) so that it is always ready.  If you know that you are going to be reassessed in say Feb 2019, then it makes sense to start writing out your answers in advance of the form arriving.  You can always print out your answers (NI number on each numbered page) and just put, for example, see attached page #6 in the box where they ask for more information.

    Edited to add:  Of course, people's disabilities vary.  Some will have no difficulty in filling the form in quickly and it does not mean they are not genuine.  
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,627 Disability Gamechanger
    You only have a certain amount of time to return the forms. All reviews take place 1 year before the award ends and it does clearly say on the review forms that if it's not returned or you don't contact them by a certain date then your payments could be affected. They will give you a further 14 days to return them.

    However fast people fill them in and return them doesn't really matter and i'm not sure why you think it does. Some people prepare well in advance for their review and start to gather all their evidence a few months before, I know i certainly do. It definitely doesn't mean i'm any less entitled to it than someone that takes longer to return them.


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