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Key stage 3 & 4/Secondary School for child with CP

CamillaSCamillaS Member Posts: 3 Listener
edited February 2019 in Education and learning
My son is about to be 13 and has Cerebral Palsy. He has spastic quadriplegia, and so is in a powered chair and only really has reasonable use of his left hand. He can speak, is cognitively able but has some 'kinks' and learning delays as a result of his physical disability and not being able to experience all the things that those more able than him experience when growing up. He loves people, enjoys chatting, debating and is interested in the world around him.  Recording his levels, in an academic sense, has proved to be difficult for his mainstream primary and also the DSP within a mainstream secondary which he currently attends - dictation & scribing goes so far, but it is difficult in certain circumstances & subjects.  He is currently at a school which he enjoys, but we, his parents, aren't quite convinced that he is going to be allowed to fulfill his potential there.  We don't think he could cope in a mainstream setting unless the curriculum is highly differentiated for him, he has more cognitive ability than the Entry Levels allow for, but getting him set up for 'Levels' is difficult as there is a requirement for independent working which our son might find difficult to demonstrate.

If anyone has come across a similar situation and found a tool of some sort that 'opened up' learning for you/your child, or a school which managed a similar child in a similar situation really well, I would be so grateful to hear about it.  

Thank you!


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