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Struggling after going on to UC

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    I had a medical interview. I was not very well but i wanted to give a good impresdion of myself. I presented to a Doctor who may have been just a nurse because she only ask me quedtions and these questions were designed to get 1 answer. She did not physically examine me. I travelled there on my own. I confess to being fiercely independent. I have been like this all my life. However i do have real problems, and i would not lie or pretend that i have problems that i do not have. I do know how to use the internet, i can lift my arms above my head, i push a self propelled wheelchair. I can cook, i can care for myself, i can go places on my own, i have taught myself how to manage my pain(a lot of my energy is spent doing this so i am able to stay in the same position for up to 2 hours) however i pay for the effort in other ways (i do not sleep normal hours,, my sleep regime is so destroyed that i am not able to keep appointments unless it is after midday because my body does not unwind before 08:00 am and if i fall asleep 2 hours later to the minute i will be awake, but only if i fall asleep, if i do not manage to sleep i will be lucky if i sleep for a week. The tendons in my right hand are severed, this makes pushing the chair extremely difficult particularly in the winter months because the hand freezes and i lose control of the chair at this point i am housebound. I have a slow growing cancer this has created a new problem(i can not stop crying, this has made me more isolated because sometimes just looking at someone makes me burst into uncontrollable weeping) this is now more scary than all my other problems(Bladder, Bowel, cramps spasms,blood pressure, heart)as strong and as confident as i like to think I am. I am now starting to feel insecure because i can not find a solution of how to control the crying because i have no idea of when it will hit me.whatever shall i do? ecausThe end result of that medical was that the woman who claimed to be a doctor said that i was fit for work because i said i use the bus to go into town. And because the rules and criteria for ESA has changed i was put on jsa then i was going through a hard time and did not have the ENERGY TO CHALLENGE THIS I ACCEPTED IT. I WAS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH MY BLADDER and had some hospital tests to take. The blood test showed signs that my PH or something was low, biopsy(which nearly did not go to) but because i was not in control of my bladder i went.  So i have this slow growng cancer in my prostate but they want to cut me to see if it is on the dark zide of the prostate but this is difficult because i am in a wheelchair so it will not be a normal cut I will not bore you with the details. So because my circumstances changed they put me on UC. The income is half of what i got from ESA AND I HAVE TO PAY THE RENT OUT OF THAT I CAN NOT AFFORD TO BUY NAPPIES ANYMORE SO MY HOUSE STINKS OF POOP AND **** EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A COVER MATTRESS. I CAN NOT ALWAYS GET UP TO CLEAN OVER XMAS  I HAD N0 GAS OR ELECTRIC SO ALL THE FOOD I BUY WENT OFF BECAUSE MY PAYMENT WAS29/12/2018 SO I SPENT A HAPPY TIME WITH NO FOOD AND NO HEATING OR INTERNET ACCESS I DID NOT EVEN HAVE CREDIT ON MY PHONE. I have to use a self inserting catheter and could not use it because it was so cold in here. So you can understand why i am reluctant to complete this form. I am thinking they will cut the PIP as they did with the UC. I have the rent paid direct however i have to buy less food to be able to meet the cost of gas, electric, water,and i am still not sure if i will be liable for council tax. Unless i can find myself a permanent job working from home, i am deep in a poop hole. The Robots in the job centre are trained not to help or listen to your problems because the system is going Digital anyway. So when you ask them something Their standard answer is"I DO NOT KNOW" if I was to fail to do something the computer said i must do i am sure they woul have me in there to give an answer and my signature. But they are trained not to help me to find work that will take me away from the system that is abusing me because i am disabled and need a little human support. So their jobs will only last as long as it takes for the system to be abusing people properly. Anyway i thi k i have ranted a little but in there is my problem but you yave already given me the answer. I just want to let people understand when they go to these medicals to ask the "Doctor" to show ID because it may not be a QUALIFIED DOCTOR THAT YOU ARE SEEING IT MAY ONLY BE A NURSE AND THEY SAY THAT YOU WENT THROUGH AN EXAMINATION WHEN YOU HAVE NOT. 
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    Lost for words X 
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